Destination of Adventure…

Snowdonia is the adventure capital of the UK. Nowhere else within the British Isles will you find such a high concentration of opportunities for modern outdoor activities, set against a truly breath-taking backdrop of mountains, lakes, rivers, woodlands, towering sea cliffs and sandy beaches.

Surf Snowdonia … is an artificial wave pool at Dolgarrog, minutes down the road. It is owned by Conwy Adventure Leisure Ltd and is the world’s first commercial artificial surfing lake and the United Kingdom’s only artificial surfing lake.

Bounce Below … Imagine giant trampolines, walkways, slides and tunnels all made from netting. Now picture this suspended in a slate cavern hidden underground and you’ll have the right idea.

Zip World … If you’ve not come across Zip World before, be ready for an experience of a lifetime, offering riders the closest experience a human being can get to skydiving without actually leaping out of a plane. It involves flying head-first, for just under a mile exceeding speeds of 100mph down a mountain – eeek! – and then straight over a cliff, 500ft above the quarry lake with spectacular views as far out as Ireland.

Adventure Activities … offer Mountain Biking, Rock climbing, Scrambling, Pot Holing, Canyoning, Canoeing, Guided Mountain Walks and Mountain Navigation.

Adrenalin Antics offer Canyoning, Gorge Walking, Cliff Jumping, Rock Climbing, Abeiling, Raft Building, Mountain Walks, Zip Lines and More.

Up4Adventures offer Canyoning, Gorge Scrambling, Mountain Biking, Guided Mountain Treks, Kayaking, Climbing/Abseiling, Team Building and Canadian Open Canoeing.

To Walk …

The Carneddau is the biggest range to be covered by this site. It has 19 peaks over 600m in height, of which 7 are over 914m (3000 ft). These include Carnedd Llewelyn which is the 3rd highest mountain in Snowdonia. There are several access points to the range, varying from the Ogwen Valley on the A5, to Aber Falls, just off the A55 North Coast Road.

The range is quite rugged, with navigation being difficult in cloud (as always, take a map and compass). Care should be taken in these conditions to avoid the steep cliffs of Craig yr Ysfa on Carnedd Llewellyn. One of the steepest routes up Pen yr Ole Wen is straight up from Ogwen Cottage, however there is a lot of erosion on this route.

Storage is available for Bikes and many other outdoor equipment, please enquire when booking, as space is limited and must be booked.



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